At MUSTARD the philosophy of Living the Good Life is at the heart of everything they do. From the farmers MUSTARD chooses, to the venues used, the quality of life produce enjoys and the green credentials of MUSTARD suppliers. By engaging in the best possible practices in every way, MUSTARD aim to ensure that the good life is a reality for all they associate with; which means minimum harm and maximum enjoyment for everyone.


Why MUSTARD'S food tastes so good.

MUSTARD developed their food philosophy in 2007, with the unique aim of striving to use locally grown and produced foods wherever possible, to offer the best quality seasonal menus. Today, MUSTARD is proud to be at the forefront of ethically responsible catering. They continue to be completely committed to sourcing and working with suppliers who demonstrate the best possible practices. MUSTARD never use cage-reared eggs and use free–range poultry and free–range smallgoods wherever possible. MUSTARD use Australian farmed or wild seafood. They source local nuts, grains, vinegar and mineral water. MUSTARD use Fair Trade coffee and Australian orange juice. And they do it in a way that makes everyone feel good; by ensuring their food is ethically and locally grown, and sustainably produced. Because at the end of the day, nothing tastes as good as a clear conscience.


How MUSTARD helps those less fortunate to Live the Good Life.

MUSTARD strongly believes in putting back into the community, so that those less fortunate can enjoy a taste of the good life too.

One such organisation is Food Rescue, who source nutritious, surplus food and produce that might otherwise go to waste, and then distribute it to agencies and people in need. This enables MUSTARD to minimise food wastage while helping others less fortunate than themselves.

Learn about Food Rescue.


MUSTARD'S commitment to a healthier planet.

MUSTARD’s pro-active environmental credentials are second to none in Australian catering. As well as using suppliers who engage in sustainable practices, they lower their carbon footprint by using local suppliers whenever possible. MUSTARD is proud to be a part of helping to create a healthier planet, to ensure future generations can enjoy the good life.

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